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Description: I don't know why I keep doing it, but I was asked again to upload a tutorial on yet another Warrior Cats character. Today I will be showing you 'how to draw Yellowfang', step by step. Yellowfang has a very beat up looking appearance which is mainly due to many battles that she had been in. She is described as being a very scrawny cat with a coat that is tattered. Her dark appearance makes her look even more intimidating, and if I where to see this cat in an alley somewhere, I would never think in a million years that it is female. There is many people who say that her eyes are amber, but then again some also say that they are yellow. I myself don't know so I will go with whatever looks better. She does have a dark, pale gray colored tiger cat with a long coat. The long coat probably comes from her heritage because it's believed that she has Persian blood running through her veins. Anyways, she was a lot of fun to recreate into an art lesson, and if you're one of the many hundreds of people that are fans of Warrior Cats, you should also enjoy drawing Yellowfang. I will be back a bit later with some more artistic fun so stay tuned in!

Yellowfang's Path

(Hey everyone! Here's my first chapter of my new story! I hope you like it! I've always wondered what Yellowfang's life would have been like if she hadn't become a medicine cat. I like her as a medicine cat, but always wanted to see what her life would've been like if she stayed with Raggedstar and raised Brokenkit/star and if his sisters survived)



Warrior cats yellowfang

Leader- Cedarstar- very dark gray tom with a white underbelly.

Deputy- Stonetooth- gray tabby tom with long teeth

Medicine cat- Sagewhisker- white she-cat with long whiskers


Crowtail- black tabby she-cat

Brackenfoot- pale ginger tom with dark ginger legs

Archeye- gray tabby tom with black stripes and a thick stripe over one eye

Hollyflower- dark gray and white she-cat

apprentice- Newtpaw

Toadskip- dark brown tabby tom with white splashes and white legs

apprentice- Ashpaw

Nettlespot- white she-cat with ginger spots

apprentice- Frogpaw

Mousewing- thick-furred black tom

Deerleap- gray tabby she-cat with white legs

Amberleaf- dark ginger she-cat with brown legs and ears

Finchflight- black and white tom

Blizzardwing- molted white tom

Lizardstripe- pale brown tabby she-cat with a white underbelly

Warrior Cats Yellowfang


Featherstorm- dark brown tabby she-cat (Mother to Raggedkit and Scorchkit)

Brightflower- ginger she-cat (Mother to Yellowkit, Rowankit, and Nutkit)

Poolcloud- gray and white she-cat


Littlebird- small ginger she-cat

Lizardfang- light brown tabby tom with one hooked tooth

Silverflame- ginger and gray she-cat


Leader- Pinestar- red-brown tom with green eyes

Deputy- Sunfall- bright ginger tom with yellow eyes

Medicine cat- Goosefeather- speckled gray tom with blue eyes


apprentice- Featherwhisker


Dappletail- tortoiseshell she-cat

Adderfang- mottled brown tom

Tawnyspots- light gray tabby tom

Halftail- big dark brown tom

Smallear- gray tom with small ears

Robinwing- small brown she-cat

apprentice- Leopardpaw

Fuzzypelt- fluffy black tom

apprentice- Patchpaw

Windflight- gray tom


Moonflower- silver gray she-cat

Poppydawn- long-furred ginger she-cat


Weedwhisker- pale orange tom with yellow eyes

Mumblefoot- slightly clumsy brown tom with amber eyes

Larksong- tortoiseshell she-cat with pale green eyes


Leader- Heatherstar- pinkish-gray she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy- Reedfeather- light brown tom

Medicine cat- Hawkheart- gray tom

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Dawnstripe- pale gold she-cat with tabby stripes

apprentice- Tallpaw

Redclaw- dark ginger tom

apprentice- Shrewpaw


Whiteberry- small white tom


Leader- Hailstar- thick-pelted gray tom

Deputy- Shellheart- dappled gray tom

Medicine cat- Milkfur- gray and white tom

apprentice- Brambleberry


Rippleclaw- silver and black tom

Timberfur- brown tom

Owlfur- brown and white tom

Ottersplash- ginger and white she-cat


Rainflower- gray she-cat with blue eyes

Fallowtail- light brown she-cat with ginger flecks


Troutclaw- gray tom

Cats Outside the Clans

Snowflake- small white she-cat with small paws

Red- ginger she-cat


Boulder- skinny gray tom


A white she-cat with distinctly long whiskers and a gray tom lead a small procession of cats to the entrance to a cavern. The group of cats were talking among themselves. 'After you, Sagewhisker,' the gray tom murmured.

The white she-cat twitched her ears at the gray tom who had spoken. 'Alright, then, Hawkheart,' Sagewhisker replied in amusement and lead the way into the darkness.

'I wonder what Starclan has to say to me,' Sagewhisker murmured, her eyes adjusting to the darkness as she lead her companions forward.

Sagewhisker could feel Hawkheart's warm breath on her as they proceeded. Finally, the tunnel widened into a cavern.

Suddenly, moonlight shone into the cavern, lighting up the large stone in the center. 'The Moonstone amazes me every time I see it,' Brambleberry of Riverclan murmured, her black and white fur shining silver.

Sagewhisker nodded in agreement. Then, along with her fellow medicine cats, crouched on the stone floor and touched her nose to the Moonstone.

Immediately, Sagewhisker felt herself drifting into sleep. After a few moments, Sagewhisker blinked open her eyes.


She was in a moonlit clearing. A ginger she-cat was beckoning to her. With a jolt, Sagewhisker recognized the she-cat. 'Redthistle!' Sagewhisker gasped, recognizing her dead mentor.

'It's good to see you, my dear,' Redthistle purred.

'And you!' Sagewhisker purred in reply, touching noses with her mentor, 'So, do you have a message for me?'

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Redthistle's gaze became serious. 'Yes, and you must listen closely. The fate of Shadowclan depends on it.' she replied.

Yellowfang Warriors Wiki

Sagewhisker leaned closer, ready to listen to the message Redthistle had to say. 'On this very night, a kit sleeps in the Shadowclan camp. You will see great medicine cat potential in her, but you must let her choose her own path. You must!' Redthistle said insistently.

Sagewhisker drew back. 'O-of course! Why would I force someone to become my apprentice?!' she exclaimed.

Yellowfang's Secret

'You are getting old, Sagewhisker,' Redthistle replied, 'And your desperation to secure Shadowclan's future may be its undoing.'

'Which kit?' Sagewhisker persisted, 'Shadowclan only has two she-kits at the moment, Yellowkit and Rowankit.'

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Redthistle gazed at Sagewhisker in compassion. 'I cannot tell you anymore, but I will be with you, always,' she murmured.

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Sagewhisker's dream faded and she awoke in the cavern of the Moonstone.

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(Hey, everyone! So here's the first chapter! I hope you like it! More to come!)

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