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next day, Molly was returned to general population, and instead of being
shunned, she was treated with new-found respect and fear.

The inmates had concluded that she was
either senselessly brave or literally insane.

Either way, the rumors succeeded in
strengthening her reputation, and no one dared challenge her.

Molly barely closed her eyes after
settling in her bunk when she discovered a visitor.

It was Evie.

know that I was the one who turned you in.

Why did you try to save me?'

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opened her eyes but did not look in the girl's direction.

'Yes, I know what you did.

I just don

t know why. What did
either of us do to you?'

voice hitched as she explained:

'I couldn't bear to go back to being Attendant Angela's whipping

I know I caused the both of
you tremendous pain, and April ... I don't know what kind of hell she is living
in now.

I'm so sorry, but I just
... I couldn't.

Not after all this
time ....'

is a possibility that two people are dead because of you,' Molly said,

know.' Evie started crying, 'I never thought they would go this far!
I just wanted it to stop.


get it.

Molly sighed,

get pushed past your limit and will do anything to stop the pain.

Trust me.

They will get theirs one day.'

wish I could believe you,' Evie said, 'but I can't.'

that?' Molly asked, sitting up as an alarm suddenly blared overhead.

The girls around her frantically left
their beds and the volume of voices rose.

those sirens?'

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there a fire?'


Hazel and Angela appeared, their appearance betraying that they had been

of you girls are to assemble immediately.

You are to head down into the lower chambers. This is not a drill!'

we being raided?' Molly demanded.

'Holy shit! We ARE being raided! Ladies! We are going to be

Pin them down!

Don't be afraid!!!'

than a moment passed before the dormitory of fifty girls descended upon the
Attendants and the prefects, holding them to the ground as the sound of
shouting grew closer.

in here!

They have us locked up
here!' Molly screamed, pounding on the door.

'Help us, please!!!'

moved away from the entrance as the door was kicked open and a team of
uniformed officers barged in, guns held at chest level.

Right behind them was Patricia with a
battered looking Dr. Wells at her side.


Oh my God, you actually
came!' Molly screamed, throwing her arms around the girl.

'We thought you were dead! How did
you do it?'


Dillon did it.

He had me memorize a phone number of
this man and told me that if I ever got out, to call him.

He found out what was happening here and
was trying to expose it, and they imprisoned him.'

you,' Molly sobbed, 'I can never repay you.

But April...'

is fine.

The man I called, he is on
the board of directors here.

took her.'

he is one of them!

He bought

here, child. '

Dr. Wells
pulled Molly to his chest, smoothing her hair as she wept hysterically into his

'I am so sorry you were
put through this hell.

Kristoff has
been on this panel for ten months and suspected things were not as they

Apparently, the board
meetings were very vague, and Judas kept most of the members distracted.

They were aware of the corporal
punishment, but not about the molestation or abuse.'

were up in those rooms watching.

They were there when April and I were punished for escaping.

How could they not know?'

was not the Board.

Those were
actual buyers.

Kristoff approached
Judas after you were captured and asked what he could do to obtain one, or
both, of you.

That was why he was
allowed to witness the public punishment.

He had no physical proof of the trafficking until the exchange of money
occurred and he bought April.

was with her at the police station giving her statement when Patricia contacted

She had made it to her home
and hid.

Her condition convinced
her mother that she was telling the truth.

It took a while to persuade the authorities, since it was our word
against the circuit judge's, but Kristoff finally got the district attorney to
agree to look at the pictures he produced and obtained a search warrant.'

he let them beat us!' Molly cried out.

'How could he do that?'

allowed him to observe after the announcement that the state was coming.

That was when the staff would impose as
little damage as possible, and he did intervene during the public demonstration
before you were permanently damaged.'

he stopped April's strapping ....' Molly recalled.

had a serious problem in exposing the judge and needed concrete proof, not

Judas has hidden the
information well, and they are raiding his office and his home as we

I also have files of
evidence to convict every one of these women, Judas, and the judge to a
lifetime in federal prison.

We will
also find the girls who have been sold and bring them home if they desire.

It's over, honey.

It's all over,' he cooed.

will never be over,' Molly sniffed.

'So many of these women have been hurt beyond healing.'

will do my best to help them.

promise,' Dr. Wells said sadly, watching as groups of the abused inmates
huddled together, weeping and comforting each other as they gave their
statements to the police.

about them?' Patricia asked, as the attendants and prefects were
handcuffed and pulled to their feet.

Vampire Academy PDF Free Download

will be spending the rest of their lives in the women's federal

And I am sure,'
Dr. Wells raised his voice so that he would be heard, 'that the inmates
there will be looking forward to giving them a warm welcome.'

swept across the faces of the prisoners.


Have mercy!

They will kill us!' Attendant Hazel
begged, true fear marking her expression.


The only mercy you deserve is
death,' Molly hissed, looking up into the woman's face.

'By the way, welcome to my world
... the one you created.

I hope you
enjoy it.'



She knows she's not alone.

Writing started as a way to explore her feelings.
Soon short stories flowed from her pen featuring reluctant heroes taking the
leading lady in hand, but always for her own good.

Today Carolyn is the author of dozens of books. She
writes from her home in Maine, where she lives with her husband and leading

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“I write
what I know. With few exceptions, my scenarios are pulled from either personal
experience or observation. I've served overseas as an Intell Specialist in the
USMC, work as a nurse, and have degrees in Biology (pre-med) and a masters in
Psych. Specialty? Deviant behavior and alternative lifestyles, of course. I put
all of this together and try to bring about a fun, unique and, hopefully,
thought provoking reading experience

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In the state of Montana, in the outback, where outsiders rarely appear, there is a real Vampire Academy, where bloodsuckers learn magic, and other very useful in life sciences. Young vampires must be education, especially when you consider that their nation is divided into two camps, between which there is a bloody war. One side of this confrontation – race Moroi, maintain order and striving for peaceful existence, while the second – Strigoi, otrinuvshego law and does not abhor brutal murders. The war has been going on for a long time, and the young princess moroyskoy Lisse, entered the Academy, we have to keep an eye on. Ahead of her, not only lessons in magic and stressful way of life choice, but also clashes with the numerous enemies and try to live the life of an ordinary schoolgirl. However, Lissa is not alone: on her side best friend and faithful guard Rose, who for the sake of saving the princess is ready to almost all, and therefore all the difficulties they have to overcome together.
Year: 2014
Country: USA
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Mystery
Duration: 1:44:21
Director: Mark Waters
Starring: Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovsky, Dominic Sherwood, Sarah Hyland, Gabriel Byrne, Sami Gayle, Olga Kurylenko, Joely Richardson, Cameron Monaghan…

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