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'A kind and accessible book that supports the human longing for a meaningful life.' — Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, author of The Logic of FaithToward a Secret Sky is a guidebook for modern pilgrims who are searching for encouragement in following their commitment to a spiritual path. Kim Roberts acts as a friendly guide, helping people navigate the strange and exhilarating journey of a spiritual seeker. She shares stories from her own years of pilgrimage in places like India, Thailand, and Bhutan, and prompts readers to jump-start their unique path of discovery with meditation and writing exercises. 'With simple and profound practices, Kim Roberts guides us to explore our inner landscape in the context of the external world and Toward a Secret Sky magnificently illuminates the path of the most sacred journey we will ever take. This beautiful book is a compass that I will return to again and again.' — Nancy Levin, author of Jump . . . and Your Life Will Appear'Wisdom and kindness shine through every page, and practical advice leaves you well equipped to set out on your own path of discovery. These are footsteps worth following.' — Andrew Holecek, author of Dream Yoga

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Toward A Secret Sky Pdf Free Download Windows 10

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Kim Roberts
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Nonfiction, Self-Help, Religion and Spirituality
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Toward A Secret Sky Pdf Free Download Books

Maren’s mom has just died in a strange accident, and since her father died before Maren was born, she is sent away from Missouri to live with her grandparents — her dad’s parents, who live in Scotland, whom she’s never met.

She is soon sent a small shipment of what seems like junk from her mom’s things, just leftover stuff from the office. But one wooden box, once she manages to figure out how to open it, contains a number of curious items, including a necklace and a letter from her mom, as well as a journal with blueprints drawn inside.

It’s hard enough to be orphaned and move to a totally different place and have to meet new friends. But Maren also starts having vivid, horrifying dreams. Coupled with the strange things that begin happening in the small area where she lives, she doesn’t know what to think. When she meets a ridiculously good-looking guy, however, she does know that she wants to get to know him better, despite his telling her she needs to stay away.

The story of Toward a Secret Sky involves a secret organization that employs humans to work with angels to defeat demons. Maren gets drawn into the battle that is happening right where she lives, and she tries to figure out how to help the good side to save her new friends, even while falling in love with someone she is forbidden to be with.

I just could not enjoy the book. It’s full of stock characters and it copies (not well) other very popular YA series, including Twilight and the Shadowhunters sets of books by Cassandra Clare. I found none of it original, and the execution and style were just write-by-the-numbers. While many “tropes” or basic plots appear often in great literature, for various good reasons, in the wrong hands they can be disastrous — and greatly annoying to readers. Here, since the writing was subpar and the world-building didn’t offer me anything new, I never was able to immerse myself in the story. I won’t be reading any sequels.

SkyToward a secret sky pdf free download adobe reader for windows 10Secret

Toward A Secret Sky Pdf Free Download Windows 10

Rated: Moderate. There’s not a lot in the way of language. But there is some sexual material: some kissing scenes, some crude references and innuendo, a character who drugs the main character’s drink and tries to have his way with her, and another character who is intent on “stealing the virginity” of the main character. There’s teen drinking in a couple of places. And there is some violence and descriptions of some gore.

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