The Test PDF Free Download

Our instantly-downloadable TOEFL iBT preparation material helps prepare students for the Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test.

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We also have two online practice exams that simulate the real TOEFL examination.

Further information and free samples:

What is the TOEFL iBT®?

Many educational institutions in the United States require prospective students to take the TOEFL iBT ® in order to assess the student’s English language skills.

For more information on the parts of the test, please click on the links below.

Our five-part TOEFL iBT course helps improve all of the skills that are required to perform well on the actual exam.

Our TOEFL iBT prep material also has two complete online practice iBT TOEFL tests.

Our practice tests are taken online and are in the same format as the actual examination.

Each of our practice tests contains reading, listening, writing, and speaking sections like the real exam.

TOEFL iBT Reading and Listening Practice

The Test PDF Free Download

The reading and listening sections of our online practice tests contain an instant feedback feature to explain each answer and to show you why each answer is correct or incorrect.

TOEFL iBT Essay Writing Practice

The writing part of each of our online practice tests includes sample essays with examiner’s comments.

TOEFL iBT Speaking Practice

The speaking part of our TOEFL online tests have recorded high-level student responses, with their texts.

When you study the responses, you will learn the expressions and grammatical constructions that examiners want to hear in your spoken TOEFL responses.

Our Unofficial TOEFL iBT Downloads include:

(1) TOEFL iBT Word Power Vocabulary Course download. Learn the essential vocabulary for the iBT.

Our vocabulary course has been compiled based on the vocabulary that has appeared on past TOEFL tests.

Therefore, you can study the vocabulary for the TOEFL internet-based test in a way that is focused and efficient.

(2) TOEFL iBT Reading Course download. Refresh and consolidate your vocabulary skills and your reading comprehension skills simultaneously.

The reading course has 15 chapters.

(3) TOEFL iBT Writing Course download. Designed to improve your grammar, sentence construction, and essay writing skills.

The writing course also provides a list of essay questions like those that have appeared on past TOEFL tests.

(4) TOEFL iBT Listening Course download. There are fifteen recorded lectures in mp3 format.

There are also fifteen corresponding chapters of exercises, with multiple choice questions, just like the real examination.

(5) TOEFL iBT Practice Test 1. Our practice tests are in the same format as the actual test.

Practice tests help you to know what to expect on your exam day.

(6) TOEFL iBT Practice Test 2. For further practice with your test-taking skills.

Download Formats:

We provide the vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening downloads instantly in PDF format. You receive access to the materials by instant digital download immediately after you pay.

When you order the two online practice tests, you will immediately receive your access details to log in to your online practice exams.

FREE Download:

The Test PDF Free Download

When you buy all six items, you will receive our five bonus publications for FREE!

Get 91 extra pages of material – five extra digital downloads – for FREE!

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Real ACT Tests Pdf Download:

June 2021 Form D06
April 2021 Form D05April 2021 Form Z04December 2020 Form D03
July 2020 Form C01June 2020 Form C02December 2019 Form C03
June 2019 Form B02April 2019 Form Z15April 2019 Form B04
December 2018 Form B05June 2018 Form A11April 2018 Form A09
December 2017 Form 10AJune 2017 Form 74CApril 2017 Form 74F
December 2016 Form 74HJune 2016 Form 72FApril 2016 Form 73E
December 2015 Form 72EJune 2015 Form 73CApril 2015 Form 73G
December 2014 Form 72GJune 2014 Form 72CApril 2014 Form 71H
December 2013 Form 71EJune 2013 Form 71CApril 2013 Form 71G
December 2012 Form 71AJune 2012 Form 70CApril 2012 Form 70G
2012 Form 1MCJune 2011 Form 67B - AsiaJune 2011 Form 69F
April 2011 Form 67FDecember 2010 Form 62D - AsiaDecember 2010 Form 69A
June 2010 Form 68CApril 2010 Form 68G2009 Form 3MC
2009 Form 2MCDecember 2009 Form 68AJune 2009 Form 67C
April 2009 Form 66FDecember 2008 Form 67AJune 2008 Form 66C
April 2008 Form 65D2008 Form 61BDecember 2007 Form 65E
June 2007 Form 65CApril 2007 Form 64EDecember 2006 Form 63D
June 2006 Form 63FApril 2006 Form 63EJanuary 2006 Form 61C
December 2005 Form 63CJune 2005 Form 61DApril 2005 Form 60E
April 2004 Form 61FDecember 2003 Form 61EJanuary 2003 Form 59F
May 2002 Form 55CJanuary 2002 Form 59CDecember 2001 Form 58E
January 2001 Form 56B2000 Form 57BJanuary 1999 Form 54D
1997 Form 2ST1996 Form 52C1996 Form 1ST

Answer Explanations for Released ACT Tests:

The ACT Official Guide Practice Tests Pdf Download:


The Test Pdf Free Download Pdf

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The Test Pdf Free Download Free

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The Test Of My Life Pdf Free Download

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