We've shipped three shiny new Ghost themes to the Marketplace that are ready to use, fully open-source, free and extensible. Plus: a new starter theme for developers!

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When publishing on an independent platform like Ghost, you have the freedom to modify your site and make it look exactly the way you want it to. Ghost themes can be built from scratch, or you can use beautiful pre-made themes from our Marketplace, with free and premium options available.

Free Ghost themes ✨


The latest additions to the marketplace are three open-source magazine style themes, that are ready to download and install on any Ghost publication.


Massively is a fully responsive, article focused design which is built around a large feature background image. The theme was designed by @ajlkn for HTML5 UP and ported to Ghost as a free theme with Creative Commons & MIT licenses, making it highly customisable.

This theme works great for publications with text-heavy articles as well as those that feature lots of visual media. Download the theme here.

The Ghost Backstage PDF Free Download


The Editorial theme was also ported from HTML5 UP with a news-oriented design and a 'locking' sidebar. It's great for content-centric publishers who want a neat editorial design.

Since all of these themes are free and open-source, you can install them as they are, or tweak and build on top of them until they're perfect for your needs. Download the Editorial theme here.


Pdf Reader Free Download

The third free theme addition was built in-house, with a bold and minimal approach. Ideal for publications that require a clean design with all of the focus on the typography and imagery. Preview and download the London theme!

Ghost starter theme for developers

We used the London theme as a framework for another project to build a starter framework for developers, which is now available on GitHub. The Starter repository includes all of the foundations of a Ghost theme and the common components of a publication. Using the starter, developers can spend more time building custom layouts without having to worry about the basics.

Installing Ghost themes

Themes can be downloaded from the Marketplace and uploaded to your publication as a .zip file inside Ghost Admin. To learn more about the Ghost theme layer visit our full Handlebars theme documentation, tutorials and the community forum.

Pdf Download

We keep the Marketplace up to date to showcase the latest best-in-class theme designs for modern publishers using Ghost!

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