• President Joe Biden took his biggest step yet toward declaring victory over the coronavirus pandemic — as public health officials said fully vaccinated Americans can ditch their masks in most settings, even indoors or in large groups.
  • “Today is a great day for America in our long battle with coronavirus,” Biden said in the White House Rose Garden on Thursday, calling the US vaccination program an “historical logistical achievement.

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Masks are no longer recommended anywhere?

  • Fully vaccinated people — those who have received their final COVID- 19 vaccination at least two weeks ago — no longer need to wear masks outdoors or in most indoor settings.
  • Fully vaccinated people are still told to cover their faces when visiting health care facilities, while flying or taking public transit, and in congregate settings such as homeless shelters, as well as prisons or jails.

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  • About 59% of American adults have received at least one shot, while 45% have received both. The Covid-19 vaccine made by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE was cleared for use in children ages 12 to 15 years old this week, fueling the inoculation campaign.


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  • “It feels like a huge shift, and I’m not going to follow it,” said Dr. John Swartzberg, an infectious-disease specialist and clinical professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Public Health. “The most important point is that the CDC is putting responsibility back on individuals. Each individual should look at what the CDC is recommending and see if that fits for them.”


  • Cases, hospitalizations and deaths have been trending downward in the United States for weeks. About 37,000 cases are being identified each day, the fewest since September, and about 630 deaths are being announced daily, the lowest average since July. But the most significant change is the availability of vaccines.

Changes in CDC’s guidelines

  • The agency first said that wearing masks protected others, not the wearer.
  • By November, officials said masks benefited the people who wear them, in addition to those around them.
  • Now, vaccinated people could remove their masks in many situations outdoors, where the virus spreads less easily.
  • If you are vaccinated, then…..
  • You can start going out without a mask on your face.
  • But you have to still keep one in your pocket.


  • The CDC still says fully vaccinated people should wear well-fitted masks when it is required by federal, state or local laws, as well as by businesses. Masks will still be required on planes, trains and other types of public transportation.

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Key points

  • The Food and Drug Administration recently approved an emergency use authorizationfor the Pfizer vaccine in 12-to-15-year-olds.
  • the nation crosses 250 million vaccinations, and heads toward President Biden’s goal of 70% of Americans having at least one dose by July 4.
  • The CDC defines “fully vaccinated” as two weeks after the second dose of a two-dose regimen, like Pfizer or Moderna, and two weeks after a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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Whether you’re looking for fun and frugal Halloween options or rainy day activities, I have the perfect thing for you: free printable masks for kids. Or should I say I have the perfect 42 things for you? 😉 Yep these 42 masks, including free printable masks to colour, are perfect for Halloween parties, trick or treating at your church/community center, putting on plays at home, and a slew of other activities that’ll help stimulate your little one’s imagination!

Okay, I know that free printable masks for kids may not sound like that big of a deal, but you really get a BIG “return on investment” with these masks—especially the free printable masks to colour. In addition to all of the activities I mentioned above, there are so many more things you can do. Seriously, you’ll get hours and hours of fun without hours and hours of work or a big mess to deal with!

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All you need to have a good time with these free printable masks is a printer, some string or a popsicle stick (to attach the mask to) and a little imagination. I love these for the Halloween season but honestly, your kiddo will get a kick out of these free printable masks for kids any time of the year. However, if you are breaking these out for the spookiest time of the year, pair these printable masks for kids with:

Okay, no more dilly-dallying! Let’s get to the free printable masks!

Disney Free Printable Masks for Kids

1-3. Free Printable Disney Princess Masquerade Masks – If your little princess loves to play dress up, these 3 free princess mask templates will be the icing on the cake. I see a royal tea party in your future!

4. Free Printable Hulk Mask – Want your little man to pick up his toys, help carry in groceries, and do other chores? Give him this free printable mask for kids and my guess is he’ll develop super strength in no time!

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5 Free Printable Iron Man Mask – Here’s another free printable mask for kids that is sure to delight the little super hero in your life. (Or maybe even the “big” super hero, if your hubby gets ahold of it! 😉 )


6. Free Printable Captain America Mask – Hmmm, hopefully your little hero doesn’t decide one of his siblings or the dog is his arch nemesis!

Animals Free Printable Masks for Kids

7-9. Free Printable Dinosaur Masks – Travel back in time to the dino days with these 3 free printable masks for kids.

10-13. Free Printable Dog Masks – The next time your little one asks if you can get a dog, try to distract him or her with one of these 4 free printable masks for kids that look like dogs.

14-16. Free Printable Cat Mask – Are you (or your kiddo) more of a cat person? Don’t worry, there are free printable masks for that as well. Here are 3 options.

17-22. Free Printable Farm Animal Masks – Use these 6 free printable masks for kids for fun AND educational purposes. For example, print out all 6 and have your child tell you how each animal “goes” (what noise it makes).

23-33. Free Printable Animal Masks – Here are 11 more animal masks including a bear, fox, bunny, tiger, and owl. What’s great about these options is that they are free printable masks to colour.

More Free Printable Masks for Kids

34-38. Free Printable Daniel Tiger and Friends Masks – Here are 5 more adorable (and free!) printable masks for kids based on the popular PBS TV show.

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39-42. Free Printable Scary Halloween Masks – Does your child want to be something “scary” for Halloween? Here are 4 free printable masks for kids to chose from. Trust me, they’re terrifyingly good! 🙂

Tip: Having a Halloween or birthday party? Print out some of these free printable masks for kids and use them as party favors!

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What creative ways are you putting these (and other) free printable masks for kids to use? Share your ideas in the comments.

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