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Foundling PDF Free Download

Morning. Office of the Lord Chancellor. Door on the right leading to his private room, near the fireplace. Door on the left leading to the public staircase. Mercer, an elderly clerk, seated at work. Enter, to him, through the public door, Horace Brabazon, a smart and beautiful young man of nineteen, dressed in the extremity of fashion, with a walking stick.
BRABAZON. I want to see the Lord Chancellor.
MERCER. Have you an appointment?
MERCER. Then you cant see the Lord Chancellor.

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BRABAZON. I tell you I must see him.
MERCER. I tell you you cant. Look here: do you think the Lord Chancellor's a palmist or a hair doctor that people can rush in out of the street and see him whenever they want to?
BRABAZON. That speech was meant to insult and humiliate me. I make it a rule to fight people who attempt to insult and humiliate me. [Throwing away his stick] Put up your hands. [He puts up his own].
MERCER. Here: you let me alone. You leave this office, d'ye hear; or I'll have the police in on you.

The Fascinating Foundling
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The Fascinating Foundling

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