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Nitro Pro makes a strong case for its advantage over Adobe Acrobat

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Portable Document Format (PDF) files are one of the most commonly used document types in the world. Its agnostic nature makes it universally sharable and lends a touch of professionalism to any document. Nitro Pro, first released in 2011, has gone through many enhancements and iterations. Nitro has millions of users worldwide. Nitro Pro offers a free trial of their PDF editor software, allowing users to create PDF files, edit, convert, sign, merge, and review. The full range of PDF capabilities makes life much easier for users’ professional and personal lives. PDFs are used for nearly any document purpose imaginable, including contracts, award certificates, applications, medical records, and virtually anytime a document requires universal sharing and professional finishing. Once the free Nitro Pro trial is expired, users still enjoy the Nitro Reader capabilities, allowing them to view, search, and share within PDFs. Nitro Pro itself is a great software alternative for those looking to easily create and manage their important documents.

What are the capabilities of Nitro Pro PDF?

Nitro Pro PDF Download allows you to easily create, edit, format, share, sign, merge and review PDFs, improving business and personal efficiencies, while reducing paper waste.

Everyday use of PDFs is part of our lives and culture today. People need the ability to create, edit, format, sign, review, and share PDFs for a wide range of reasons, both professional and personal. Nitro Pro delivers that capability. Their stated mission is to improve productivity and eliminate paper from document workflows, thereby reducing waste. The 14-day free trial is free of a credit card requirement or subscription to newsletter or marketing material.

After the simple installation, a welcome screen prompts you to launch Nitro Pro. Users are offered a Nitro Cloud trial membership. You are then greeted with an attractive interface and familiar layout. Find toolbars and dropdown menus across the top of the window, easily directing users to File, Home, Convert, Review, Page Layout, Forms, Share, Erase, Protect, and Help. You can open PDFs directly from this interface or choose Nitro Pro as your default PDF program (also a prompt upon installation completion).

The PDF capabilities in Nitro Pro are extensive. Within the Home tab, users can type text, quick sign documents, request signatures from other users, combine documents, convert a PDF to Word or Excel files, highlight text, search within the document, insert, rotate, delete, and extract, and add tools to a 'favorites' bar. Within the Convert tab, find buttons to convert your PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image, or a PDF/A file type. Users can create a portfolio here as well. The Review tab allows you to further customize your PDF experience by selecting text, highlighting, adding a text box, note, or callout, stamp, add shapes, drawings, and images, attach additional files, summarize, migrate, or hide comments, and cross out, underline, or replace text.

Easily format your PDF within the Page Layout tab, where you can insert, rotate, delete, crop, extract, replace, and split the file. Edit headers, footers, watermarks, page numbers as well. Easily navigate the document by adding bookmarks and links here too. The use of forms within PDFs is very common for documents ranging from mortgage applications to school enrollment forms. Within the Forms tab, easily select fields, create a text field, insert a checkbox, add a radio button, combo box, list box, custom button, barcode, or digital signature. Completing your PDF forms has never been easier with the ability to import, export, and reset data.

Quickly share your work as an email attachment or within Nitro Cloud. Access your document library and Nitro Cloud account settings here too. You never have to worry about PDF errors again with the Erase tab’s functionality. Here you can whiteout, mark and apply redactions, search and redact, and remove metadata. Protect your documents with password security, certificate security, profile management, signing and certifying, and digital IDs..

Users can find program assistance via the Help tab where resources abound including a user guide, product tour video, support contact information, accessibility tools, Nitro Pro knowledge base, community forum, support tools, and the ability to report a specific software issue. Every tab contains the ability to toggle between the hand navigation, edit arrow, or zoom. 'Buy Now' and 'Contact Sales' are also fixed options on every toolbar. Navigation within the software itself is easy and fast, with no noticeable lag time.

Where can you run this program?

Nitro Pro 12 Download is only available on Windows devices. Users can choose between the 32-bit and 64-bit installation. Nitro’s website FAQ notes that they may look to develop Nitro Pro for mac in the future but currently there are no concrete plans to do so. Nitro Pro is currently available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch.

Is there a better alternative?

PDF editor software options are plenty right now. The obvious Nitro Pro competitor is the creator of the PDF file type itself: Adobe. Adobe’s equivalent to Nitro Pro is their Adobe Acrobat Pro software. This software contains similar feature sets as Nitro Pro. The free trial of Acrobat reader does not allow editing, making the Nitro Pro free trial a better alternative. Both software have been known to crash often, leveling the playing field in that area. Adobe Acrobat comes in higher on price, making a strong case for Nitro Pro.

Dragon On Trial PDF Free Download

Our take

Nitro Pro is a strong PDF editor, with all the tools and functionality you’ll need to work within your important documents. Easily perform your business and personal document actions, making your life easier, and cutting down on paper waste. Editing and reviewing files online is an excellent way to improve efficiency and cut down on your carbon footprint.

Should you download it?

Dragon on Trial PDF Free download

Yes. If you’re one of millions of people who interact with PDF documents regularly, you need a PDF editor software. Download Nitro Pro if you want to avoid paying a higher Adobe price, while still receiving the same level of functionality. Do not download Nitro Pro if you believe you can get by with your PDF needs met by a simple PDF Reader software, lacking the ability to edit and format. However, once your Nitro Pro 14-day trial expires, you can still enjoy Reader capabilities within the software.

Dragon On Trial Pdf Free Download Windows 10


  • Lower financial investment as compared to Adobe
  • Quickly view
  • Search and share PDFs
  • Collaborate within the Nitro Cloud to avoid excessive email attachments
  • Upon 14-day free trial expiration
  • Enjoy free reader capabilities forever


  • Software known to crash sometimes
  • Cannot share or integrate within other Adobe products

PDF Downloadfor Windows

Microsoft Office 365 offers two versions – Online Version and Offline Version.

Online versions of the Microsoft Office applications (such as Word, Outlook and Excel) through a web browser,Offline versions enables you to download desktop versions of the Office applications.

Offline version is suitable for all functions of Dragon Naturally Speaking.

The following Nuance Desktop products support dictation only when running Office 365 Online (Online Version):

Pdf download

Dragon Professional Individual
Dragon Legal Individual
Dragon Professional Group
Dragon Legal Group
Note: Full Text Control and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are not supported when running Office 365 Online.

The following Nuance Desktop products are not supported when running Office 365 Online:

Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 13 and earlier
PDF Converter Professional

Nuance Dragon Free Trial


Dragon On Trial Pdf Free Download Free

Note: Nuance Desktop products may have application add-ins (such as toolbar buttons) that are typically enabled in Microsoft Office desktop applications to improve the experience. When running Microsoft Office Online, these application add-ins will not be enabled. Additionally, using Dragon to dictate into Office Online applications may require the use of the Dragon Dictation Box.

Dragon On Trial PDF Free Download

To take advantage of all the features of Nuance Desktop products, we recommend using a local installation of Microsoft Office. Certain subscription plans to Microsoft Office 365 include the local desktop version of Microsoft Office

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